Brad Grier


    256-724-3070 x8003

    DIY junkie, gym junkie, family man, Veteran, dog whisper......it gets confusing.

    Kristen Grier 

    Customer Service Manager

    256-766-2222 x8002

    Is known to carry animals in her pockets. Avid craft enthusiast. Has way to much compassion. Might be Mother Teresa. 


    Lauren Borquez

    Customer Service Representative

    In 2017 Lauren joined our team. She's a woman of many talents. Business owner, wife, mom, cosplay expert, and is possibly a superhero OR supervillain. Email our office, NOT her, if you have any information regarding this.

    Bill Grier


    256-766-2222 x8005

    Husband, Father and Grandfather of 5 beautiful kids. Also, pumps Iron like Arnold and sometimes gets confused for Ric Flair. 

    Suzeann Grier


    256-766-2222 x8004

    Wife, Mom and boasts 5 "Grands" as she calls them. Enjoys kayaking, fishing, hunting, and competitive shooting. 

    Mary Grier

    Marketing Consultant 

    Selfless mom and wife, marketing expert, photographer, serial non-profit volunteer. Has awards for having nothing ever said negative about her.

    Elsie Grier

    Chief Party Officer

    When shes around and not taking naps, she is down to throw a party almost anywhere. Watch out for the slobber.

    Emma Grier

    Head of Security

    Her title isn't real. She parties just as hard as Elsie. 

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