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Spring is here......

Spring is here and we hope everyone is ready! Bring on that warm weather!
Along with your Spring cleaning, remember to do a review of all your insurance protection. A lot of people disregard insurance as a must-have annoying part of life. But the truth is, weather you are with Grier or not, it is vital to know what you're paying for and to insure when you need that insurance policy, you are covered. 
I have story after story of nightmare situations when consumers didn't have the correct coverage in place at the time of the loss. No matter what you choose, our job is to inform, advise and support. You're the best decision maker in what you need covered in your life. On the front page there is a "Complete Insurance Check-up" survey we have created to help you pinpoint those areas you might have missed. 
Wrapping up, we here at Grier have even more changes coming. You might have noticed we have updated our logo and website over the last few months. We also are adding headcount soon and updating our phone systems to continue to provide the best possible customer experience.
Until next time, we hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weather we are having!
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