Grier Reviews: SimpliSafe
I wanted to write this first review on a product I use and love. The reason I want to do these reviews in the first place is because I find honest reviews hard to come by. Yes, reviews are plentiful across the web. The one I use the most is Amazon. But I find many sites, including Amazon, to be riddled with "paid for" reviews and sketchy folks that do not seem to know about the product.
Needless to say I thought this may help our Grier Insurance customers. Keep in mind this is only my opinion and my experience. I have not been paid to do this either. That would be nice though! So here we go......
SimpliSafe is just like the name implies: simple so that the customer can focus on home security and not all the fine print. I've had this system in my home for over 2 years and I can say I'm very pleased. 
The company makes it easy for people to install by shipping all equipment pre-programmed and ready to just plug and play. And with no contract, the system is flexible to turn central monitoring on if you’d like that added security measure or you can opt out if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee. However, if you don’t pay for a monthly monitoring package your system will act as a local system only. Meaning that if the siren goes off it merely “scares” the intruder away because of the sound but does not contact authorities, monitoring professionals or you.
It’s a no pressure company that leaves the decisions up to the customer. The installation was a breeze in my opinion. No screws needed. Peel and stick adhesive on all the door sensors. Here is the install video from the company so you can see what I mean:
Key Features
No Contract
Simplisafe does not require customers to sign a contract to get started using their system. This is appealing to many who are not interested in signing on for a long-term commitment. Most companies require 2-3 years minimum to get started but not SimpliSafe! But keep in mind you will pay the full price for equipment whereas competitors with monitoring contracts often offer free or deep-discounts on these components.
Cellular Monitoring
SimpliSafe uses dedicated cellular communication to monitor your system. This is the best type of communication whereas many other security providers offer broadband or landline as their main communication. Keep in mind that this only really matters if you are paying for a monthly monitoring plan.
I have read where SimpliSafe uses the SAME call centers as the largest security system companies. I'm not sure if this is correct or not but I've had very quick responses when we have set off the alarm by accident. 
At the time of this post the starting monthly cost is $14.99 a month. You can find up date pricing on monitoring and equipment here:
Insurance Discount
Like any security system, you will receive a discount off your homeowners insurance. The amount can vary depending on your premium. You can call or email our office anytime and we can tell you exactly how much you'll save. This can cover a lot of your overall investment and expense. Also, remember you must have the service active to receive the discount. 
I hope this helps if you're in the market for a security system. You can call or email me anytime if you have additional questions. I'm always happy to help. 
Brad Grier
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